Sunday, 8 December 2013

Evening at the Christmas Market

Late Afternoon at the Christmas Market:

It was such a beautiful sunset today, and we stopped at the Christmas market twice this weekend, just to wander round. I tried desperately to take out what was a massive lamppost in the left side of this photo. It is really getting in the way of a good picture! ha You can see I failed but better a half post than a full one. I am working on adjusting photos and taking better pictures, and I've a ways to go. I have my eyes on a new camera, the Sony NEX-3:

It seems like a good place to start, not really an SLR and better than a regular digital camera in that it has a really good lens and can be manually set. And I can start learning how to take really beautiful photos. I've never had more than just a regular digital camera and so am a true beginner. It's night's like this though and sunsets this pretty that just make me want to learn how to really capture a good shot (Santa, pleeeease?!) :-)

Another Work Day

I bought this dress from H&M when I was on holiday the other week. If I had a magical closet that gave me anything I desired, this is what I would wear it with to work tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe if I click my heels and close my eyes, when I go up stairs it will all be set out on my bed ready for me...

Another Work Day

H M dress
$33 -

Wolford black tight

High heel pumps

Red shawl

Short hair accessory

Benefit beauty product
$33 -

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Remembrance Sunday

We took a stroll around Winchester yesterday, past the remembrance poppies and up the high street. It's been a quiet weekend, and we woke up this Sunday morning and watched the Remembrance Service on TV. There were so, so many people. And it struck me what an important time it was for women as well, in a time when all the men were away and they were suddenly filling roles never considered before. There was a woman who was interviewed on tv who had applied for work during the war and, after declining an offer to be a cook, had asked if she could help take information mid-battles. And she worked day-to-day in a room with other women, all wearing head sets, leaning over a huge map, taking coordinates and updates on who had fallen and what action was occurring. Their work was so important, all the nurses out in the field, most of them volunteering. And what a time and a change, from WWI when women were lobbying for the right to vote, through WWII, up to now.

It's incredible to think about, and to think where we are today. And to think of all of the men and women who have served for our county, back then and today, in such difficult circumstances.